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There are many remedies in which you can use to get rid of a dog ear infection. Dogs will usually show so many different signs that they are suffering from some type of illness, and you as a pet owner, need to pay attention to them. Discharge in the ears is just one of the most common signs when a dog is suffering from an ear infection. Your dog can either be suffering from a yeast infection of the ears or a bacterial ear infection. In order to properly find out which illness your dog has, you are going to have to take them to the vet. However, there is a dog ear infection home remedy that you can follow for temporary pain relief.

The vet will give you Epi-Otic flush, Otomax ear drops, Cephalexin antibiotic and possibly Temeral-P which is a steroid, if your dog is suffering from a bacterial ear infection. Ear infections in dogs are quite normal just like they are in humans. They can always be prevented if by cleaning dogs ears every so often to prevent the growth of bacteria. First things first, and you should make sure your dog makes it to a vet so you can get some antibiotics for your dog, as well as some ear drops to flush their ears out.

Dog ear mites can be taken care of with the help of prescription medications only if it is that serious. You should also make sure that you keep your dog healthy and exercised so they do not develop any type of ear infections. You need to also make sure that you dry their ears out as much as possible after being exposed to water. Vitamin C is also great to compliment your dogs diet. It helps prevent and fight off infections.

When it comes to making sure your dog is safe and infection free, you can count on the vet to make them better. There is usually not much you can do at home if you are not an experienced pet owner. Sometimes dogs, just like humans, require medical attention in order to get rid of such illnesses. Heartworm treatment for dogs may also consist of bringing your dog to see a vet.

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