Get Rid Of Ear Infections In Dogs

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There are a lot of different home remedies that a person could use to get rid of ear infections in dogs. The first home remedy is a warm compress. This is because the warm compress is going to safety clean out the dog’s ear. Therefore, the ear infections has the ability to clear up. All a person has to do is to take a warm towel and press it down gently on the outside of the dog’s ear for about 30 seconds several times a day. The second home remedy is green tea. A person can just stew a few bags of the green tea into the hot water for just a few minutes. It is very important that the tea bags are cooled off before you apply them to the dog’s ears. This can be done for twice a day.

The third home remedy is vinegar. A person needs to mix the vinegar with warm water. The best way to apply this to the dog’s ear is to put it into a spray bottle. Spray the mixture of the dog’s ears and make sure that the ear is dry before the dog runs off. This process can be done 2 to 4 times a week to the dog. It is a very important to not use the vinegar if the dog has any open sores inside of the ear. The fourth home remedy is Vitamin E oil. The Vitamin E oil helps to relieve some of the pain and inflammation that the infection could be causing. Just put a few drops in the dog’s ear for about 10 to 25 seconds.

The fifth home remedy is garlic oil. The garlic oil can help to stop the spread of any bacteria in the ear and reduce the amount of swelling in the dog’s ear since it is a natural antibiotic. It only takes two or three drops of the garlic oil to be massaged into the ear for a few seconds. The sixth home remedy is cloves. Cloves are also known as a natural antibiotic. A person needs to soak the cloves in olive oil overnight and put a few drops of the cloves into the ear. Plus the cloves do not have such a strong smell like the garlic oil.

These are the top six home remedies that a person can use to get rid of ear infections in dogs.

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